Lu Ming Tang
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Tea Bio-RemedyTMComplex
Lu Ming Tang taps into French cutting-edge bio-technological research,
a Nobel-Prize winning discovery
and bridges them with 3,000 years of Chinese herbal expertise
to unveil its proprietary patent-pending Tea Bio-Remedy Complex.

The intelligent EGCG polyphenol from tea; 10,000 times more active
than vitamin E and the world’s most powerful antioxidant found in nature.
Acts in synergy with ultra-oxygenating chlorophyll,
The miraculous molecule at the origin of LIFE.
The single source of breathing to all living organisms on earth
since the creation of the biosphere 3 billion years ago.
And is delivered deep into the heart of skin cells
by a new-generation Glyco-carrier cell vector.
Tea Bio-Remedy Complex intervenes at cellular level like a
“high-definition de-pollutant” to neutralize accumulated toxins and free radicals.
As it frees skin from intoxicating pollution,
Tea Bio-Remedy Complex effectively:
  • Reduces inflammatory damage
  • Re-activates cellular breathing & cell-renewal
  • Arms skin with an extreme bio-shield to combat future harmful environmental stresses
Almost Immediately
  • Skin is like detoxified, breathes again, the veil of dullness is lifted.
  • Complexion is smooth and even. Radiance returns.
Day By Day
  • Skin is totally regenerated, repaired from free-radicals’ damage.
  • Elasticity and firmness are regained. Dark spots are corrected.
  • Beneath the surface, skin’s natural defenses are activated for lasting protection against environmental aggressors.
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