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Bring a relaxing moment into your self-care routine

Indulge yourself daily in a moment of relaxation with this pure rose quartz Ruyi face massager. Used for centuries as a must-have beauty tool, this empress’ facial massage tool can be used for face and eye area to drastically de-buff and firm your skin while stimulating inner circulation. Your skin is tone up, smooth and visibly gained a healthy luminosity.

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Rose quartz is known for its soothing vibrations of love. This effective tool is fully handmade and selected by LU MING TANG stone specialist. It helps to relaxing facial muscles at the end of a busy day that combats the ageing effects from the stress.
The colour of quartz varies from milky pink to dark pink. Each Ruyi massager is unique in colour and stone marbling.
Use the flat part of massage tool after applying Crème de Marie on clean skin and follow the massage steps below:
Gesture 1: Along with the forehead skin texture, to relieve forehead wrinkles in upward movements
Gesture 2: From corners of mouth to ears in upward movements to massage the cheek muscle
Gesture 3: From middle of the chin to ears in upward movements and then to neck in downward movements
Gently repeat the gestures for one minute each time, adjust the kneading strength by changing the angle of the Ruyi massager.
Repeat ritual with Crème des Neiges on clean skin in the evening.
Use the small dot part of massage tool after applying the Eye Concentrate around eye area. Slightly move it outwards from the inner eye area.


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