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Brightness & Absolute Transparency

This pure crystal-gel booster bursts into active enlightening moisture to energize and clarify complexion. A precise concentration of delicate radiance-enhancing Silver Needles (Baihaoyinzhen) White Tea is blended with a youth-preserving brightening recipe and combined with Bio-Remedy trio-complex. Together, they gently clear away the free radicals caused by pollution, stress or an unbalanced lifestyle while liberating skin from inflammation.
Powered with latest-generation Brightouch CS, our advanced formula reduces dark spots in size, contour and color intensity, while preventing their formation over time. It works intensively to reveal skin’s healthy rosy transparency and a complexion as radiant as the moon.

Particularly suitable for sensitive to normal skin types.

RMB 400.00 / 50mL

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Silver Needles (Baihaoyinzhen) White Tea: Gently brightens and calms complexion for a healthy glow. Rich in soothing Theanin and illuminating Vitamin C.
Edelweiss Flowers from the Alps: Anti-inflammatory and accelerate cell regeneration.
Snow Lotus from the Heavenly Mountains (Tianshan): Relax, de-stress from pollution and daily environmental aggressions.
Brightouch CS: Brightening complex tailored to reduce dark spots in size and in number, lighten complexion and improve skin appearance.
Morning and evening, after Moonlight Tea-In-Lotion, apply 2 to 3 drops to your face and neck in upward movements. Gently pat for absorption.


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