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Our miraculous deep-detox formula is supercharged with a blend of Yunnan Black Tea with anti-oxidant Longjing Green Tea and enriched with Traditional Chinese Medicine “Superfoods”, deliciously melting into skin for incredible beauty-boosting and skin-healing benefits.

Black Tea and Bamboo Charcoal buff away tired skin cells while eliminating micro-residues, pollutants and impurities to lift away the veil of dullness.
The invigorating nutritious blend of Jujube, Sesame Seed and Black Rice is packed with bioactives and essential cell nutrients to stimulate circulation and quench skin with youth-boosting anti-oxidants, healthy minerals and vitamins. Skin feels fresh, looks energised and glows with radiant vitality.

Suitable for all skin types.

RMB 285.00 / 140mL

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Xishuangbanna Pu’Er Tea: Deep skin detoxifier, powerful anti-inflammatory. Supercharged with anti-oxidant, theaflavin and beauty-boosting vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential cell nutrients.
Bamboo Charcoal: Extracts and dissolves environmental toxins,
pollution particles and all traces of impurities.
Black Rice: Softens and nourishes.
Jujube: Feeds skin with nutrients.
Sesame Seeds: Fights free radicals.
Two to three times a week, apply a generous even amount over dry face , avoiding the eye area. Leave on for three to five minutes then splash on a little water and massage onto skin in small circular motions before rinsing well

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