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Hydration & Balanced Harmony

This fresh-as-jade booster serum penetrates right away to instantly quench thirsty skin with hydration, replenishing its reserves while curbing excess oil and restoring balance. It is fortified with potent beauty-boosting Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin) Wulong Tea and a natural active recipe to help detox, calm irritations associated with breakouts and support skin in rebuilding its moisture defense barrier.
This nutrient-rich formula is enriched with anti-oxidant Bio-Remedy trio-complex to fight against free radicals damage caused by pollution, stress and an unbalanced lifestyle, a main cause of aging. With its moisture in balance, skin is comfortable, as silky-soft as jade. Complexion is fresh, clear and vibrant, with a healthy-looking, dewy glow.

Particularly suitable for normal to combination skin types.

RMB 320.00 / 50mL

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Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin) Wulong Tea: For a perfect harmony of anti-oxidant moisture and purity. Concentrated in balancing, perfecting Theaflavin, Zinc and Selenium to clarify skin while preserving its moisture barrier.
Bamboo Leaves: Preserve skin’s hydrolipidic eco-balance.
Mandarin Peels: Refine texture and boost radiance.
Angelica Roots: Cooling, speed the elimination of toxins from the system.
Apply to your face and neck, morning and evening, after Hydra Perfection Tea-in-Lotion.


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