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Radiance Beauty Boost

A real beauty-boost to revitalise your skin and senses every morning. This silky nutri-active cream fights dullness and energises skin with lasting hydration.
The youth-enhancing goodness of anti-oxidant-rich Longjing Green Tea is fused with an anti-free radicals' powerhouse of Soy Milk, Hawthorn and Acerola Red Berries. They work to improve cell health while helping skin better resist environmental aggressors and photo damage.
Feel the instant rush of rejuvenating moisture…
Skin is soft, youthful and plumped with hydration, glowing healthily from morning till night.

Suitable for all skin types.

RMB 290.00 / 50mL

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Longjing Green Tea: Boosts cell renewal, tones, protects against free-radicals.
A powerhouse of rejuvenating anti-oxidants with Green Tea’s super active EGCG and skin-loving vitamin E.
Soy Milk: Skin suppleness and elasticity, strengthens skin moisture barrier against pollution and environmental irritant.
Gentian Flowers from the French Pyrenees: Protect from UV damages and prevent inflammation.
Formulated without parabens or mineral oils. Non-comedogenic.
Hawthorn and Acerola Red Berriest: Activate micro-circulation to renew & energize skin, fight free radicals for a healthy rosy glow.
Apply to clean skin every morning. Gently massage onto skin in small circular motions. Gently pat for better absorption. Chill before use for best results.


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