Lu Ming Tang

The Qianlong Imperial Library


The Maison Lu Ming Tang is our tea house and the soulful
home of the brand. Nestled in the UNESCO-listed
Longjing tea mountains and overlooking the eponymous
‘Dragon Well’, the Qianlong Imperial Library is a magnificent
temple house dating back to the Song dynasty (960-1279).
It was here, during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912), that
Emperor Qianlong, whose grandfather had earlier
conferred 18 Longjing tea bushes with ‘Gong Cha’ Imperial
status, retreated to create poems and calligraphy
celebrating the virtues of tea.

Today, the Qianlong Imperial Library embarks on a new chapter in its proud
history as the Maison Lu Ming Tang.
We are deeply honoured to be the custodian of such a prestigious heritage.
The Maison Lu Ming Tang epitomises our profound respect for
the Chinese tea culture and our dedication
to celebrate its splendours. It is a place of harmony and sharing.
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